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How to make a 'no dig' garden

From the Garden Tips Blog

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A border, for example; 3 sleepers, 2 half wine barrels, linkabord (see below), bricks, rocks, old tyres, an old concrete trough or anything floating around the backyard
  • Old newspapers
  • 1 pea straw bale
  • 3 bags organic manure (for example, sheep, cow or chicken)
  • 1/2  m garden soil
  • 1/2 m mushroom compost
  • 1 sugarcane bale
  • Here’s what you do:

  • begin on any surface with a layer of newspaper
  • surround with a border that is approximately 20-25cm high
  • add a layer of pea straw then a layer of organic manure
  • repeat layers
  • add a mixture of garden soil, organic manures and mushroom compost
  • plant your seeds or seedlings
  • finish with a layer of sugarcane much, making sure you keep the mulch clear from the seedling stems
  • water regularly
  • enjoy home grown herbs and vegetables in the coming months
  • For more information on linkabord see