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Railway Sleepers



2.7m long RARE sleepers as standard


Perfect for any unique building and landscape construction.

Vast range of AA, A and B grade sleepers sourced from the beautiful Yarra Valley Railway network.

History of the Yarra Valley Railway

The railway line from Lilydale to Healesville via Yarra Glen, with stations at Coldstream, Yering and Tarrawarra, was formally opened on the 1st of March 1889. Due to a large section of the track following the Yarra River flood plains there was over 3km of trestle bridges built for the line. The line also boasts a 508ft brick tunnel, which was blasted and dug out by hand. Traffic on the line included timber, livestock, milk and dairy products in addition to passenger services. Steam locos including J, K and D3 Classes, ran the services on the line until 1964, when they were replaced by Walker Railmotors, such as the one currently operated by the Yarra Valley Railway.

The final passenger train service was in December 1980 and the line was officially closed to all traffic 10/3/83.

Sourced from Yarra Valley Railway

Our Railway Sleepers

In stock ready to go 2.7m long railway sleepers in the below grades.


AA Grade: A high quality hardwood sleeper with a nice and square appearance. 3-4 good sides with minor damage or cracking. It will have bolt holes where the tracks were attached to it.  Very sound and free from rot. Excellent for feature timbers, garden retaining walls or for landscape usage with a straight edge.


A Grade: These high quality hardwood sleepers have the same characteristics as a ‘AA’ but with 2-3 good sides, minor damage on one side and minimal cracking. Minimal rot may appear on one side where they have been on the ground. Possibility of small splits at either end and possibly one waned edge. Excellent for all purpose use, feature timbers, garden retaining walls or for landscape usage with a straight edge.



B Grade: A good solid hardwood sleeper with a minor defect on its face or side, generally 1-2 good sides with some cracking. Some minor rot may appear. Possibility of larger splits at either end and the possibility of two waned edges.

Very good for all purpose use, retaining walls, vegetable beds or other landscape uses.